Nisula 105E

Energy wood head for small cranes


Nisula 105E combines a simple structure with top-quality materials. The structure is light and durable, which means that base machines equipped with a small crane can also be used for energy wood harvesting. The new, patented mechanical swing function makes the 105E flexible and effortless to use.

The adapter kits available as accessories allow easy replacement of practically any timber grapple by 105E. No separate control systems or additional hosing is needed.


Energy wood harvesting
Clearing bushes and trees from the edges of fields and forest truck roads
Clearing thinning sites
Clearing the edges of power lines
Maintaining forest parks and felling trees in gardens


Tractor equipped with a small crane
ATV or mini-excavator

Technical data

Weight, kg 52
Grapple opening, mm 500
Width, mm (open /closed) 640/460
Height, mm (open/closed) 690/480
Height in felling position, mm 270
Single cut Ø, mm (1 stem) 90-120
Operating pressure, bar 150-210
Required oil flow, l/m 8+

E-series energy wood heads, operating principle


With the cutting blade attached, small stems can be felled and bundled on the ground. Felling and loading directly onto the loading space is also easy.


With the cutting blade detached and the tilt mechanically locked, the head can be used like a regular grapple to load energy wood or other types of timber.