Nisula 285E+

Energy wood head with a separate accumulating gripper unit for professional energy wood harvesting


Nisula 285E+ is equipped with a special accumulating gripper unit which improves the head’s capacity and bundle handling. The head is ideal for forwarders and excavators. This head is the right choice if the aim is maximum productivity.

Accumulating energy wood heads are designed for professional small wood harvesting: easy felling, bundling and loading. Depending on the base machine, the whole small wood harvesting process (standing tree to roadside) can be performed without changing the head. Thanks to the structure of the head, tree stems and bushes are easy to grip and take to the blades for cutting.


Energy wood harvesting
Clearing bushes and trees from the edges of fields and forest truck roads
Clearing the edges of power lines
Maintaining forest parks and felling trees in gardens


Agricultural tractors equipped with an adapter sleeve mounted timber crane
Light harvesters
Excavators, 7-12 t


If NCU1, NCU3, NCU3Lite, NCU3i or NCU3X is used with a Nisula harvester head, a separate control system for the energy wood head is not needed.


Stump treatment facility
Control valves for the grapple arms and the rotator

Technical data

Weight, kg 330
Grapple opening, mm 930
Cut diameter Ø, mm 280
Single cut Ø, mm (1 stem) 180-240
Operating pressure, bar 180-210
Required oil flow, l/m 80-150

Notes on installation and equipment


Size recommendation for the separate pressure and return line required for the head: 3/4”. The size of the cable shield, which is also required, is ½”-3/4”.


In forwarders and tractors, the grapple arms and the rotator are usually controlled from the base machine, in which case no additional valves are needed. In harvester and excavator installations, the grapple arms and the rotator are usually controlled from the harvester head, in which case the head can be equipped with additional valves for the required function.