Nisula P50T

Thanks to its properties, the Nisula P50T vertical-post parallel crane is also suitable for timber harvesting with Nisula 425 series harvester heads. P50T is equipped with a hydraulic extension. Its light weight and suitable reach enhance the utilisation of a tractor for timber harvesting. P30T makes timber harvesting and loading effortless and also saves energy. P50T is suitable for Valtra N-series tractors.

Nisula P50T, benefits to the customer

• Excellent properties for timber harvesting
• Carefully designed motorised hosing
• The head change facility makes it easy to switch from harvesting to forwarding
• The dual swing damper makes harvesting more precise – better efficiency and end result

Technical data

Lifting torque (gross), kNm 45
Maximum reach, m 7,7
Swing torque (net), kNm 14
Dry weight, kg 940

Details that facilitate the choice of the crane


In tractor installations, the Parker90 valve block is placed behind the vertical post, which ensures the functionality of the hosing assembly. Hose swivels ensure that the hose bundle wraps round the vertical post when the crane is swung to the forward position for transportation. In other installations, the valve block is placed in accordance with the intended use.


The lock-in quick couplers placed under a protective cover (C45 and C60) make it easy to disconnect the harvester head and the motorised hoses. The motorised hoses run under the outer boom, where they are protected in the best possible way. The hose brackets are easy to dismantle.


Nisula’s dual swing damper increases the crane’s reach by 20 cm. The brake power of the practically maintenance-free swing damper is easy to adjust.


The adapter flange makes it easy to change the head.


The LED lights provide good lighting for the harvester head. The motion-specific adjustments of the crane can be made via the display screen of the control system.


The motion specific adjustments of the crane are made at the installation stage. If the base machine is equipped with a harvester head and a NCU3LITE, NCU3 or NCU3X control system, all the crane adjustments can also be made via the display screen of the measuring device. The quick adjustment facility makes it possible to change the speed of the crane within the range of 50 to 100 percent.


As all the hoses in the patented EPSCOPE extension boom run in a groove inside the boom assembly, they are protected from being damaged by tree branches. The structure is compact and straightforward. The EPSCOPE extension boom is maintenance-free.


All the bearings are equipped with high-quality bronze bushings. The lubrication channels ensure optimum grease distribution, even if bearing points are greased under load. Guaranteed long service life!