Palfinger S110F96

Customised for the N6e energy wood harvester

Tailored for the Nisula N6e model, the Palfinger S110F96 with a short main boom is ideal for energy wood harvesting together with the new Nisula 335E+ accumulating energy wood head.  The short main boom makes the crane agile even in the narrowest of places. The logging head replacement for this crane is Nisula’s 500 series. The crane is equipped with the Nisula Syncro feature (hydraulic trajectory feature for inward motion), which greatly reduces power consumption and makes work smooth.

  • The S series provides plenty of power in relation to the weight of the crane.
  • The characteristics, lifting capacity and dimensions are ideal for energy wood harvesting together with the accumulating energy wood head (Nisula 335E+)
  • Ideal for logging with the Nisula 500 series harvester head
  • Carefully designed motorised hose is easy to remove – increases versatility
  • Head replacement readiness by default
  • The 2-way Nisula swing damper + boom head make work more accurate – improved efficiency and accuracy.
  • Nisula Syncro functionality brings the characteristics of a parallel crane to a vertical-post crane, increasing productivity and comfort of use
  • Integrated LED lights in lifting and outer booms make it easier to work in the dark

Technical data

Weight, kg 1890
Reach, m 9,8
Hydraulic extension Yes
Torque, gross, kN 36
Lifting capacity @10 m, kg 950