The XB14 boom solution allows you to convert an excavator for timber harvesting quickly and easily. The fastening point and additional hoses are designed to make the switch from forest improvement work to timber harvesting and vice versa as easy as possible. We also offer a solution in which the bucket turning function can easily be used for controlling the rotator.

With a hydraulic extension, XB14 offers more than 2.5 m additional reach. The dual swing damper provided as standard equipment makes taking the harvester head to the tree effortless. If necessary, the heel of the extension can be used to help the machine travel in the terrain. The Nisula XB14 boom solution is designed to be used with Nisula harvester heads.


• Protects the main boom of the excavator during harvesting operations
• Good properties for operations near the machine
• Turns round in a small space without swinging the boom