Nisula parallel cranes

Nisula parallel cranes (P99 and P99T) are made of ultra-strong steel and designed especially for thinning. Their weight/efficiency ratio is excellent. High-quality materials and carefully selected components ensure a high utilisation rate. The perfect motion paths of the booms and carefully designed dimensioning ensure that the head is always at the right height for the operation. The Nisula parallel crane range consists of three different models.

Parallel cranes for timber harvesters

Each model has Nisula’s dual swing damper as standard equipment. We offer a 10-metre-reach crane without a boom extension and 10.3 -metre-reach with a hydraulic boom extension. We also offer the Parker L90 valve block for our parallel cranes. The carefully dimensioned valve stems combined with precise crane control make the cranes effortless to use. Each motion can be adjusted separately via the display screen of the measuring device. The NCC control system has a potentiometer adjustment function, which allows easy scaling of the motion speed of the crane between 50 and 100%.

Extension booms for excavators

The SB and XB boom solutions by Nisula allow you to convert an excavator for timber harvesting quickly and easily. The fastening point and additional hoses are designed to make the switch from forest improvement work to timber harvesting and vice versa easy. The XB models are provided with a hydraulic extension.