Tens of thousands of hours of work in practice

Tens of thousands of hours of work in practice – that’s how all Nisula products are created.

The functionalities of the Nisula harvester heads make harvesting efficient and fluent. The typical properties of each Nisula harvester head include state-of-the-art manufacturing, straightforward structure and easy maintainability, as well as high-quality materials and components.


The X-series is made for forest harvesting activities where traction and power are needed. All models come equipped with four traction motors and three feed rollers. The X-Series grapple is equipped with one fixed and four moving delimbing blades.


The C-model multi-purpose heads equipped with grapple arms offer you properties that you haven't been able to even imagine.


The H-model harvester heads offer you a productive alternative for operations ranging from delimbed energy wood processing to light final felling.