Nisula 500C

More properties to enhance harvesting operations


500C is a powerful alternative for later thinning and final felling of small-stem stands. Its physical dimensions are suitable for thinning, and, thanks to high-quality materials, the weight is also low, only 650 kg. 500C is a multi-purpose harvester head equipped with grapple arms that make timber handling and sorting effortless. The NCU3 control system adjusts the grip force of the grapple arms to the tree stem, enabling a firm grip during felling, feeding and other operations. In combi-machine use, the separate grapple arms also allow loading without changing the head.
When larger trees are felled and heavier stems handled, the grapple arms together with the front and rear knives and the roll cylinder apply a stronger grip force to the stem. When feeding starts, the grip force is reduced gradually to minimise friction. The control system has a diameter limit set for reducing the grip force. If necessary, the settings can be adjusted via the control system, but usually the harvester head works best with the standard settings.


Delimbed energy wood processing
Light final felling
Combi-machine use


Medium-heavy harvesters
Medium-heavy and heavy forwarders in combi-machine use
14-16 ton excavators


NCU3Lite with length and diameter measurement function
NCU3i with length and diameter measurement function + cubic volume measurement function + priority bucking function
NCU3X with length and diameter measurement function + cubic volume measurement function + value bucking function + data transfer facility (option)
Compatibility with Motomit control systems and Valmet/Komatsu Max


Saw control
Automatic chain adjuster
Colour marking
Stump treatment facility
Separate chain lubrication function

Technical data

Weight 650kg 1500lb
Clean delimbing Ø 320mm 13"
Single cut Ø (1 stem) 500mm 20"
Number of delimbing knives 3 + 1 3 + 1
Opening of front knives 500mm 20"
Opening of grapple arms 1200mm 47.2"
Width in delimbing position (open/closed) 1350/980mm 54/38.6"
Height in delimbing position (open/closed) 1250/1050mm 49.2/41.3"
Height in felling position 1120mm 44"
Operating pressure 210-230bar 3045-3336psi
Required oil flow 140-180l/m 37-48gpm

Details 500C


The head is extremely easy to maintain. All the grease points can be handled with the head in one position.


The cylinder sleeves of the head do not move lengthways, which minimises the movements of the hoses and thereby the risk of damage.


The saw control system and the automatic chain adjuster available as accessories enhance cutting efficiency and usability and decrease chain/saw bar costs.


Machined front knives provide improved delimbing efficiency and durability.


The grapple arms located in the centre of the head and below the stem provide an exceptional triangular support for the stem while it is being handled. Thanks to this property, also extra-large stems are kept in a tight grip.


The triangular support structure facilitates and speeds up the handling of the stem and improves measurement accuracy.


The grapple arms located near the feed rollers facilitate the delimbing of crooked stems. If necessary, the head can be slid past the crooks with the front knives open without losing grip of the stem.


The grapple arms make the head extremely versatile. For example, forked and fallen trees can be handled without difficulty. The grapple arms make it easy to pick up the stem with the right grip for handling, which significantly reduces the risk of damaging the knives and the feed rollers.