Nisula N6 – Next-generation thinning harvester

After more than a decade on the market, the Nisula N-series thinning harvester has been fully redesigned to better meet the needs of thinning. The guiding principle of the new design was to develop a thinning harvester that is as practical as possible and complementary to mainstream harvesters. The new N6 is highly suited for thinning´s. The ground pressure of the six-wheel half-track is sufficiently low to allow it to be used also in the summer. Based on feedback, many forest owners have found Nisula’s six-wheel thinning harvester ideal in peaty terrain conditions even in the summer. The new N6 is a true thinning harvester in terms of both its features as well as its physical dimensions and weight

N6 Technical features


The N6 has a completely redesigned, simple frame structure. The fully armoured chassis and high ground clearance enable agile and efficient mobility even in highly challenging terrains. The new N6 is an ideal choice for all types of thinning harvesting, including in peatland forests and normal summer and winter thinning. The N6 has an excellent rigidity in all conditions.

Centre pivot oscillation, wide 42° swing angle of the centre joint and wide tilt angle make N6 suited for all terrains. The new frame design enables an active frame oscillation lock that provides the best possible stability also when moving the machine.


What do you hear when there’s no sound? The N6’s cab is the definition of silence. The extremely quiet cab ensures your comfort and coping while you work. In thinning, it is important for productivity that the operator stays alert at all times during day.

Large windows provide excellent visibility around the harvester, up to the tops of the trees and down to the ground alongside the machine. The operator sits on a high-quality seat without needing to extend into uncomfortable positions. This also improves productivity.

The controls are ergonomically situated. The well-fitting Nisula Easy+ mini levers make it easy to control all the operations required in harvesting ergonomically. The features of this cab are a must-see.


The N6’s hydrostatic-mechanical power transmission with differential locks ensures a smooth and safe ride even in demanding terrains. Driving is precise and controlled. The optional roadworthiness add-on allows the harvester to be transferred between sites by driving.

  • Reliable power transmission, simple structure
  • Fast and precise mobility during harvesting
  • Excellent pulling force, fast and economic transfer between sites
  • Hydrostatic-mechanical power transmission
  • Variable displacement swash plate pump, Danfoss 130 cm3/r
  • Variable displacement axial piston motor, Danfoss 160 cm3/r
  • Two-speed transmission ZF (2HL290)
  • Power-Shift electro-hydraulic gearbox allowing automatic gear shifts while moving
  • Forward/reverse speeds: Gear 1, 0…10.7 km/h, Gear 2, 0…40 km/h
  • ZF MT-L3075 front and ZF MT-L3095 rear drive axles
  • Axles with differential locks


The N6 is equipped with a four-cylinder Agco Power 49LFTN with a power output of 140 kW or about 190 horsepower. With a torque of up to 800 Nm, the engine has a heavy flywheel that ensures stability in all conditions. The Stage V engine has been carefully customised for the needs of the N6 to ensure excellent fuel economy. The fuel tank is sufficient for a runtime of about 35 hours.

Sufficient hydraulic capacity is reached at just 1300-1500 rpm, depending on the type of stand and harvester head. This ensures extremely low fuel consumption.

  • Reliable, Finnish-made engine
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Long service intervals
Type Agco Power, 4.9 LFTN, supercharged and intercooled. STAGE5
Power 140 kW / 1900 rpm (ISO14396)
Maximum torque 800 Nm / 1500 rpm
Starter motor 4.5 kW
Batteries  2 x 180 Ah


The new Nisula N6e is equipped with a short main boom, the Palfinger S110F96,
with a reach of 10 meters, makes the machine really versatile for both forestry work
and roadside maintenance. Together with the Nisula 500 series harvester head, it is
an excellent thinning harvester. Equipped with a new Nisula 335E + shear head, the
N6E will become a truly cost-effective and productive energy wood harvester. The new
N6e is also available with a bush mower for roadside maintenance, one machine offers you many different options.


The N6 has a fully redesigned front frame structure. The V-shaped chassis design ensures excellent capabilities even in the most demanding terrains. The 370-litre fuel tanks are located at the front of the machine along with batteries, refuelling pump and a storage unit for tools. The size of the urea tank is 60 litres. The new cooling unit is located behind an opening front cover, making it easy to clean. The hood can be raised at the touch of a button. The engine space is equipped with an efficient underhood light

The back frame has been fully redesigned. The new 6-wheel N6 is designed around a simple but functional solution. The cylinders of the additional wheels keep the machine’s longitudinal weight distribution optimised at all times while driving. During cutting, the cylinders are locked according to the terrain. This patented solution also keeps the tracks at a suitable tension at all times.

Sound insulation in the cab has been improved, and the cab’s interior has been fully refurbished. The operator has more space than before, and there is space also for a co-driver and for storing items. New efficient air conditioning and heater keep the inside of the cab comfortable in all temperatures. Accessories available for the cab include an oven and cooler box. The cab can be raised at the touch of a button.

N6 Harvester head alternatives

Nisula harvester heads are known for their high productivity and quality. They come full with features that make operating the grapple simple and effortless. The design and properties of the harvester heads have been refined based on tens of thousands of hours of practical experience and years of customer feedback. The recommended harvester head for the N6’s crane is Nisula 555H, which weighs around 800 kg. The operating pump is a Kawasaki 140 cc with a flow of around 200 l/m to the head during feeding and sawing.

The lightweight and compact head is easy to move to the base of the tree selected for thinning without damaging nearby trees. The 555H harvester head is able to easily saw trees with a diameter of 55 centimetres but is at its most efficient in first and second thinning.

Other head alternatives for the N6 include Nisula 500H and 335E+ accumulating energy wood head

N6 Crane alternatives

Nisula parallel cranes are designed for thinning. Fast and precise crane controls, optimal positioning of the crane relative to the operator and sufficient lifting and turning power ensure speed and productivity. Manufactured by Nisula itself, the new P100 parallel crane has a reach of 10 metres and increased power output.

An alternative is the Palfinger vertical-post crane designed specifically for the N6 to provide additional lifting height for energy wood logging. The sister model N6e is designed for customers interested primarily in energy wood logging.

N6 Equipment and accessories

Our extensive range of accessories and versatile harvester head and crane alternatives allow you to customise the N6 to suit your needs. Unnecessary spending should always be avoided.

The N6 is a full-fledged thinning harvester with standard equipment alone.

Cost management

Productivity and low operating costs guarantee the result in thinning operations – not horsepower or oversized pumps.

We know this from experience.

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