Nisula 205E

Heavy energy wood head


Nisula 205E is an updated version of Nisula 200E. The adjustable block of 205E makes it easy to adjust the tilting function to different pressure levels. With 205E, you can equip your forwarder for energy wood harvesting without major changes or installations. You just replace the regular grapple with the NISULA 205E head, and the machine is ready for energy wood harvesting.

Two spike- shaped grapple arms ensure that all the stems are cut by the knives. In loading, the sturdy grapple arms grab stems easily, and the high grip force ensures that also large bundles can be handled efficiently. The head does not gather earth, stones or small branches.

The adapter kits available as accessories allow easy replacement of practically any timber grapple by 205E. No separate control systems or additional hosing is needed.


Energy wood harvesting
Clearing bushes and trees from the edges of fields and forest truck roads
Clearing thinning sites
Clearing the edges of power lines
Maintaining forest parks and felling trees in gardens


Heavy agricultural tractor
Excavator, 6-12 t

Technical data

Weight 295kg 650lb
Grapple opening 860mm 34"
Width (open /closed) 1120/770mm 44"/30"
Height (open/closed) 1220/820 48/32.3"
Height in felling position 500mm 20"
Single cut Ø (1 stem) 200+mm 8+"
Operating pressure 180-250bar 2611-3626psi
Required oil flow, l/m 45+l/min 12+ gal/min

E-series energy wood heads, operating principle


With the cutting blade attached, small stems can be felled and bundled on the ground. Felling and loading directly onto the loading space is also easy.


With the cutting blade detached and the tilt mechanically locked, the head can be used like a regular grapple to load energy wood or other types of timber.