Dual swing dampers for FR rotators

The swing damper/boom head packages designed for FR rotators are installed by welding them in place of the old boom heads. This ensures adaptability to practically all cranes. JRPP7 is a swing damper model that is suitable for work requiring lower brake power. It is equipped with two brake pads sideways and one brake pad in the motion direction of the boom. The JRPP10HD and JRPP15HD models have a heavier structure and four brake pads, two for both motion directions.

Thanks to the disc brake structure, brake power remains good for a long time and requires little adjustment, making the swing damper practically maintenance-free.

Nisula’s dual swing dampers considerably reduce the swing of the harvester head and thereby make the operations precise and controlled. Work is more productive and the risk of hose damage is reduced.

Nisula swing dampers, benefits to the customer:

• Disc brake structure
• Excellent brake power maintained for a long time
• Low operating costs
• Easily adjustable brake power
• Made of special steel
• Lubricated bronze alloy bearings
• Hardened pins

Technical data



Weight, kg 22 23 23 24
Suitable rotator FR7 FR10 FR15 BR69
Rotator’s top pin Ø, mm 24/25 25 30 30
Suitable adapter AD495/ADFR7 ADFR10 ADFR15 ADFR15