Dual swing dampers

Nisula’s swing damper / boom head packages can be installed on practically all cranes. The dual swing damper maintains brake power for a long time and is highly cost-effective. The brake power is easy to adjust. Thanks to its disc brake structure, the swing damper needs little adjustment and is practically maintenance-free.

Nisula JRKKPP dual swing dampers are installed in place of the old boom head. The boom is equipped with a brake integrated in the boom head yoke.

The JRKPP35S and 45S models have four brake pads, two for both motion directions. The HD model has four brake pads sideways and two in the motion direction of the boom. Thanks to the disc brake structure, the brake power remains good for a long time and requires little adjustment, making the swing damper practically maintenance-free.

Nisula swing dampers, benefits to the customer:

• Plain disc brake, large friction surface
• Excellent brake power maintained for a long time
• Low operating costs
• Easily adjustable brake power
• Made of special steel
• Lubricated bronze alloy bearings
• Hardened pins

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Weight, kg 35,9 47 72
Rotator’s lug distance, mm 80 100 100
Rotator’s top pin Ø, mm 35 45 45