Nisula N5

The N5 thinning machine collection has grown. Now a 6-wheel version is also available, which is absolutely the best one in conditions where the carrying capacity is limited on the forest land. The features of the N5 thinning machine are designed for thinning machine conditions. N5 has been implemented with the most reliable and simple solutions to achieve high operational reliability. With thinning, the result is achieved through good productivity combined with minimised costs. Excessive investments in thinning are simply not worth making. We think that minor costs will be decisive.

N5 Technical properties


The frame structure of N5 is strong and straightforward. The fully armoured chassis and high ground clearance allow agile movements and work efficiency even in highly challenging terrains. The new 6-wheel model is the best choice for soft land and slopes. The solidity of the machine is high in all conditions.

N5’s centre pivot oscillation, wide 42° swing angle of the centre joint and wide tilt angle make it a true all-terrain harvester. The turning radius measured from the centre of the tyre is only 5.25 m. The new frame solution allows an active frame oscillation lock that brings the best possible stability also when the machine is moved to a new location.


What can you hear when it is quiet? This cab allows you to experience what silence is like. The extremely quiet cab enhances work comfort and helps you cope with the challenges of work. In thinning, it is extremely important that the operator is alert throughout the working day. It improves productivity.

Large glazing provides excellent visibility around the harvester, up to the tops of the trees and down to the ground right next to the machine. You are able to sit comfortably on a high-quality seat without having to stretch your neck. This also improves productivity.

The locations of the controls are ergonomically correct. The well-designed Easy+ pre-selection switches of mini levers make it easy for you to manage all the operations required in timber harvesting. You have to experience the properties of this cab yourself. The standard equipment of Nisula harvesters includes high-quality audio equipment and Bluetooth for the mobile phone.


The hydrostatic-mechanical power transmission with differential axle locks ensures a smooth and safe ride even in the most demanding terrains. Driving is precise and controlled. Moving from one felling area to another is fast. The maximum transport speed is 40 km/h

  • Reliable power transmission, simple structure
  • Fast and precise movements during harvesting
  • Excellent pulling force, fast and economic transport from one site to another
  • Hydrostatic-mechanical power transmission
  • Variable displacement swash plate pump, Sauer 115 cm3/r
  • Variable displacement axial piston motor, Sauer 160 cm3/r
  • 3 operating modes, HDS switch (operation/transport)
  • CSD Control speed control system
  • Drive speed control, crawling
  • Forward and reverse pedals can be used as a drive pedal
  • Two-speed gearbox ZF (2HL290)
  • Power-Shift electro-hydraulic gearbox allowing automatic gear shift
  • Speeds, forward/reverse, Gear 1, 0…10.7 km/h, Gear 2, 0…40 km/h
  • Drive axles in front and rear / ZF 3075
  • Axles with differential locks


N5 is equipped with the reliable Agco Power 4.9 AWI engine. The output and torque of this long-stroke, four-cylinder engine are optimal for timber harvesting.

A sufficient hydraulics capacity is reached at 1300-1500 r/min, depending on the felling area and the harvester head. This guarantees extremely low fuel consumption – according to our measurements, about 6.5-8 l/h, depending on the felling area.

  • Reliable Finnish engine
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Long service intervals
Type Agco Power, 4.9 AWF: supercharged, intercooled STAGE4
Output 127 kW /1900 r/min (ISO14396)
Highest torque 750 Nm / 1500 r/min
Starter motor 4,5 kW
Batteries 2 x 170 Ah


  • The operating hydraulics precisely optimised for each harvester head
Pump Rexroth
Output 220-280 l/min depending on the harvester head (2000r/min)
Operating pressure 210-230 bar depending on the harvester head
Oil tank capacity 210 litres


The front frame of the machine is designed with a new front box with good facilities for tools and accessories. If the machine is equipped with carrier handling, the carrier handling container is placed in the front box. The new protective iron protection in the front also acts as a staircase on the tool box and as a winch for the base armour. The new front design of the machine enhances cooling.

The back frame of the machine has been redesigned, enabling a 6-wheel version. The new 6-wheel N5 has been implemented with a simple but functional solution. The cylinders of the additional wheels of the machine keep the longitudinal weight distribution of the machine optimised at all times while driving and while working the cylinders are locked according to the terrain. This patented solution also keeps the tracks in good tension.

Sound insulation of the cabin has been improved and the cabin’s interior has been refurbished. The driver has more space available than before. The renewed air conditioning condenser is placed on the roof, and the new roof panel makes the location of the lights ideal for thinning. High and low visibility have been further improved. New mudguards have been integrated with working lights.

N5 harvester head alternatives

Nisula harvester heads are known for their high quality and productivity. They are full of properties that make their use effortless. Tens of thousands of working hours, experiences from production sites and feedback from customers have refined the properties of the heads to perfection.

N5 crane alternatives

Nisula parallel cranes are designed for thinning. Fast and precise manoeuvring, optimal location of the crane for the operator and sufficient lifting and turning capacities all contribute to fast and productive work.


Nisula NCU3 / NCU3i

Nisula NCU3 measuring device with a 5.4” screen is the result of four decades of experience in the industry. The new electronics generation has increased the computing capacity of the system; NCU3 controls the head precisely. The simple menu structure makes it easy for operators to find the settings they need.

The hydraulics control has been taken to a new level, allowing fast and accurate feed to the sawing window. Accuracy is excellent in all conditions. There is a separate fuse for the sensors to reduce the risk of damage to them. The NCU3i model is equipped with a larger 7” colour screen. The value scaling function improves work efficiency.

Nisula NCU3X

NCU3X is equipped with a larger 12.1” touch screen. The X-model is equipped with value scaling function and data transfer facility. Thanks to the new electronics generation and increased computing capacity, value scaling is accurate. The new advanced algorithm also maximises the efficiency.

As the PC used for reading mapping software and for data transfer is a separate system, the embedded solution guarantees reliability. Possible Windows/PC problems do not stop harvesting operations. The operations do not depend on the PC’s computing capacity, either. Therefore forestry companies’ software may contain extensive maps and other heavy-duty properties.

N5 equipment and accessories

An extensive range of accessories and versatile harvester head and crane alternatives allow you to customise N5 to meet your special needs. It is always sensible to avoid unnecessary investments.
N5 with standard equipment is a full-fledged thinning harvester.

N5, standard equipment

  • 600/65R34 Nokia Forest Rider tyres
  • Nisula P90 parallel crane, reach 9 m
  • Tilt table
  • Nisula 425H harvester head
  • Nisula NCU3i cubic volume measurement device
  • Mini levers
  • Additional heater
  • Air conditioning
  • Stereo equipment, handsfree facility for the mobile phone
  • Air suspension seat

N5 accessories

  • 710/55R34 Nokia Forest Rider tyres + chains
  • Nisula P99T parallel crane, reach 10.0 m
  • Nisula P99.5T parallel crane, reach 10.5 m
  • Epsilon M80F101 crane
  • Nisula 425C multi-purpose head
  • Nisula 500H harvester head
  • Colour marking, stump treatment facility, saw control, automatic chain adjuster
  • Head change facility for the accumulating Nisula 285E+ energy wood head
  • Nisula NCU3X control system with value scaling function and data transfer facility
  • Tablet PC for data transfer and map software management
  • Caliper
  • LED lights
  • Automatic air conditioning
  • GSM-controlled system for the additional heater
  • Cooler box for the cab
  • Sun blinds

Cost management

Productivity and low operating costs guarantee the result in thinning operations – not horsepower or oversized pumps. We know this from experience.

Cost minimisation:

  • Avoid unnecessary investments; N5 is a thinning harvester that can easily be customised to meet customer requirements
  • Sensible investment costs and good resale value ensure a minimum loss of value
  • No extra gadgets that weaken the reliability of the machine and cause unnecessary costs to the customer during the life cycle of the machine
  • The engine power and hydraulics output are optimised for thinning, ensuring minimum fuel consumption (6.5 – 8 l/h)
  • Long service intervals and simple structure: maintenance costs less than € 2/h.
  • Fast road transfer (40 km/h)
  • Sensible spare part prices

Productivity maximisation:

  • N5 can be equipped to be used mainly for first thinning or for more demanding thinning operations.
  • Thanks to its dimensions and weight, N5 is an ideal harvester for thinning.
  • Agile basic machine that allows moving around in the forest during harvesting without damaging the environment.
  • The wide reach of the crane minimises the need for moving around during felling and allows 20-24m distances between the strip roads.
  • The extremely quiet cab and properties designed for thinning help the operator stay efficient and focused throughout the working day.
  • The operator has excellent visibility to the crane, and the crane’s long reach and efficient swing damper allow taking the harvester head to the tree fast without damaging the trees that are left on the site.
  • The heads are made of high-quality material (Hardox400) with ultimate material utilisation. The heads have been designed with thinning operations in mind.
  • The NCU3i and NXCU3X control systems designed in cooperation with Technion Oy allow a precise control of the head and the crane. The control systems are reliable and easy to use.

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