A sensibly equipped tractor is versatile, cost-effective and convertible

A modern tractor is an excellent base machine for seasonal timber harvesting. Typically, a tractor-based timber harvester is used in forestry work for part of the year. For the rest of the year the tractor is used for agricultural work or for contracting at peat production sites.

When you consider equipping a tractor for timber harvesting, you should think of the round-the-year use of the tractor carefully. In general, the power demand of the base machine and the type of the transmission system depend on the use of the tractor for other purposes than forestry work. Otherwise, the equipment to convert a tractor into a forest machine is the result of combining these aspects in the best possible manner. The use of a tractor for forestry work means that certain equipment must be excluded and certain other equipment is required to make the assembly functional.


The forestry work package for tractors consists of harvester head and crane control systems, front axle locking, pedal drive and lever control, levers with pre-selection switches and voltage converter.

Nisula’s new Easy2 contains all the necessary components and controls in one neat package. When forestry work is over, you just take the package out of the tractor and no extra modules are left in the cab when you start other operations. In the autumn, you simply mount the package in the cab of the tractor again, and everything is ready for forest operations.

  • • Valtra/Valmet 6000, 8000, A-, X-, XM-, M-, N- and T-series tractors
  • Harvester head control system with the following alternatives:
    • NCU2 length measuring device
    • NCU3LITE with length and diameter measurement function
    • NCU3 with cubic volume measurement function
    • NCU3X with cubic volume measurement function, value scaling function and data transfer facility
  • Nisula NCC crane control system (Parker L90 or Danfoss PVG32)
    • Motion-specific adjustment via the display screen of the control system (NCU3Lite, NCU3, NCU3X)
  • Potentiometer for adjusting the motion speed of the crane
  • Mini levers + necessary pre-selection switches for controlling the harvester head
    • With Easy2, the levers are mounted in the rear
    • The levers can also be mounted on the driver’s seat (NCU3Lite, NCU3 and NCU3X)
  • Printer (NCU3 and NCU3X)
  • Voltage converter (12V-24V)
  • Power switch of the crane and the measuring device and emergency stop button
  • Front axle stabiliser control
  • Drive direction lever
  • Use of the Valtra Twin Track reverse drive pedal as a drive pedal
  • Lever control of the front wheels (accessory that requires a separate valve block)
  • Hydraulic oil level and temperature warning lights (requires a tank equipped with a sensor)
  • Required wire harnesses and cables

The harvester head requires additional hydraulics (depending on the model series of the tractor) manufactured by NISULA, JAKE or KRONOS. A typical additional hydraulics device is a pump package fitted on the front of the tractor. Installing the additional hydraulics required by 3-point lifting devices in the front or rear is also possible if the use of the tractor for other than forestry work requires it.

• A-series: 80 cm3 front pump package
• N- and T-series: We always recommend a 100 cm3 front pump package.
• With the A- and N-series tractors, it is possible to use a front crane with a front pump. Please contact us for further information


• Enables efficient work at low engine revolutions and low fuel consumption
• Improves the weigh distribution of the machine
• Protects the front of the tractor
• Increases oil volume

The efficient additional cooling packages made by NISULA are designed to be installed with the front pump. The required cooling capacity and the type of the cooler depend on the front pump and the use of the machine. Additional cooling is a must with additional hydraulics.


• Prevents the hydraulic oil from overheating – less component damages
• Improves the weigh distribution of the machine
• The modern control system of the additional cooler improves fuel efficiency

The JAKE front axle stabiliser provides excellent sideway stability in felling and loading. The front axle stabiliser is a compulsory accessory. Nisula Easy2 automatically controls the stabilisation of the front axle. When the tractor starts moving, the front axle stabiliser is released, and when the tractor stops the stabiliser is locked.


• Excellent sideway stability
• Improves productivity and safety

In forestry work, JAKE’s forest fuel tank is obligatory in N-series tractors. The tank allows an easy installation of the JAKE mounting kits and required armouring (engine and bottom). The forest fuel tank and required armours are installed when the tractor is equipped for forestry work. The T-series tractor uses an armoured regular tank in forestry work. NISULA offers extensive armouring for A-series tractors and high-quality rear armouring for 3-point lifting devices in all model series.


• Considerably improved off-road capacities
• Carefully designed armouring minimises damages caused by thickets, fallen branches and rocks

In timber harvesting, the timber crane is installed by using a JAKE mounting kit. Except for A-series tractors, which require JAKE600, the mounting kit that suits timber harvesting is JAKE900 or 904. A crane installed by using a mounting kit is effortless to use in all conditions in both timber harvesting and forwarding.


• JAKE mounting kits are robust and reliable in heavy harvesting use.
• The interim frame of the mounting kit and the crane are easy to dismantle when the operator switches from forestry work to other operations.
• The 3-point lifting device can be used when the mounting kit is in place.


The suitability of the Nisula harvester heads for use with tractors is superb. The typical features of the Nisula harvester heads include an extremely strong frame as well as high-quality materials and components.


The properties of the tractor, weight class of the harvester head and customer requirements define the type and size of the crane used for forestry work. Nisula offers high-quality Nisula (Mowi) vertical-post parallel cranes and Palfinger-Epsilon cranes for timber harvesting and forwarding.


Nisula NCU3 / NCU3i

Nisula NCU3 measuring device with a 5.4” screen is the result of four decades of experience in the industry. The new electronics generation has increased the computing capacity of the system; NCU3 controls the head precisely. The simple menu structure makes it easy for operators to find the settings they need.

The hydraulics control has been taken to a new level, allowing fast and accurate feed to the sawing window. Accuracy is excellent in all conditions. There is a separate fuse for the sensors to reduce the risk of damage to them. The NCU3i model is equipped with a larger 7” colour screen. The value scaling function improves work efficiency.

Nisula NCU3X

NCU3X is equipped with a larger 12.1” touch screen. The X-model is equipped with value scaling function and data transfer facility. Thanks to the new electronics generation and increased computing capacity, value scaling is accurate. The new advanced algorithm also maximises the efficiency.

As the PC used for reading mapping software and for data transfer is a separate system, the embedded solution guarantees reliability. Possible Windows/PC problems do not stop harvesting operations. The operations do not depend on the PC’s computing capacity, either. Therefore forestry companies’ software may contain extensive maps and other heavy-duty properties.


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